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UVA and Centra Health Employees

UVA and Centra Health employees are eligible for infertility treatment including IVF through their insurance!
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IVF Success Or Refund Program

IVF Guarantee Have a Baby or You Receive a Refund
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Military Discount

Supporting our active military families struggling with infertility.
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Our Thoughts

  • Age and Female Fertility: Understanding the Impact It’s no secret that as women get older, fertility problems tend to crop up more frequently. In our society especially, where women pursue rewarding careers and often delay starting a family in the process, deciding when to have a baby can feel daunting while facing a ticking biological clock.  » Read more ...

  • Optimizing Your Natural Fertility: 7 Tips for a Successful Journey When it comes to building a family, many individuals and couples wish to explore natural fertility options before considering assisted reproductive techniques. At Virginia Fertility & IVF, we understand the importance of optimizing your natural fertility.  » Read more ...

  • The Link Between Testosterone Supplements and Low Sperm Counts in Men In recent years, the use of testosterone supplements has gained popularity among men seeking to boost their energy levels, muscle mass, and overall libido and well-being. However, an unintended consequence of these supplements is their potential impact on male fertility.  » Read more ...

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